Tuesday 28 January 2020

Drivers will face radical route changes

CHANGES to driving routes in the southside of the capital will be introduced from September, while some bus stops and routes will also have to be altered.

The main changes to traffic will arise on St Stephen's Green, Kildare Street and Dawson Street at the beginning of the works, and are likely to be permanent.

Further changes on O'Connell Street, Dominic Street and on the northside will arise as the project proceeds through the city.

The changes, which have yet to be approved by city councillors, include:

• Traffic from St Stephen's Green east will take a right-hand turn onto Merrion Row, shortening the route to Merrion Square.

• Kildare Street from Molesworth Street to the Green will become two-way to allow access to car parks. A bus lane will operate along the entire length.

• Dawson Street will remain open, but 60pc of traffic will be removed. It will be open for access only during the works, including deliveries.

• Two lanes of traffic will be removed from Westmoreland Street to allow works.

• The tracks will be located on the right-hand side of the northbound lane of O'Connell Street, reducing space for private cars. From the Spire, Luas will cut into the median.

"The biggest problem with revised traffic management arrangements is ignorance, where people don't know what's going on," the Railway Procurement Agency said.

"We're going to do the traffic in advance, and it will be a one-off. One lane will be available at all times for traffic.

"We're working on the principle of keeping the city open. Wherever there's traffic, there will be access at all times."

Once major works commence, buses will be diverted from Dawson Street and onto Kildare Street and Westland Row, or through Camden Street, Aungier Street and Wexford Street.

Specific plans are being finalised, and Dublin Bus said it planned to make a minimum of changes.

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