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Drivers warned after pile-up

MOTORISTS are being urged to drive with extreme caution again today as more frost and ice is forecast.

Five people and a garda were injured in a multi-car pile-up yesterday.

The young garda was injured after a pick-up truck lost control and ploughed into the scene of an earlier collision in Co Clare. Five other people were treated for injuries following the six-vehicle crash.

While a garda was taking details of the collision, the pick-up truck ploughed into a car from the first accident. It then shunted into the patrol car, injuring the garda inside.

Minutes later, emergency crews responded to another accident in Gort, Co Galway, in which a male driver miraculously escaped death after timber fencing penetrated the roof of his car following a collision.

Met Eireann last night warned that freezing overnight temperatures would continue to make roads dangerous.

Irish Independent