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Dr Quirkey heir Andrew in shock binge-drink video

Aspiring entertainer and heir to the millionaire owner of 'Dr Quirkey's Good Time Emporium' Andrew Quirke has infuriated alcohol awareness groups by producing and starring in a music video which glamorises binge drinking -- which went straight to No 6 in the Irish charts last week.

Everyone's Drinking finds socialite Quirke, brother of model Wesley Quirke (the high profile other half of former Miss World Rosanna Davison) and son of businessman Richard Quirke, taking on the comedy twin personae of skanger 'Damo' and posh boy 'Ivor' in a celebratory song to drunken behaviour which features scantily clad perma-tanned models and copious amounts of alcohol consumption.

The video, which cost €2,470 to make, tells the tale of a chaotic night out on the tiles from characters on both sides of the social divide and ends each verse with the words "getting shit-faced".

It has been slammed by the National Parents' Council Post Primary.

"We are appalled at the content of the video. The implication of this behaviour is being trivialised and glamorised without any cognisance of the danger to the lives of our young people.

"The reference to rape and sexualisation of the girls in the video is totally unacceptable and is an appalling part of this whole scenario," said a spokesperson for the council.

The chief executive of Drink Aware, Fionnuala Sheehan, has also labelled it as "very worrying" that young people watching this video may perceive the behaviour as acceptable.

"We are concerned about trends such as these because, the more people are exposed to images of excessive drinking, the more they normalise such behaviour."

The south Dublin party boy Andrew has quickly risen through the ranks of social media fame having last year starred in his own mock version of MTV's cribs which documented the life of the uber rich.

He painted his skin black as a camera followed him inside the luxurious surroundings of his father's opulent home in Foxrock which featured all the trappings of young, moneyed Celtic Tiger Ireland including a helicopter and flash cars.

In the current You- Tube sensation, Everybody's Drinkin', Andrew has a monobrow and is dressed as 'Damo' who appears in one half of the video sporting a thick gold chain around his neck and clad with medallion rings. While guzzling Dutch Gold beer cans in a drunken frenzy, he chants "off my tits and its only half-seven".

The posher persona of SoCoDu's finest, Ivor, then appears exclaiming as shot glasses line the bar: "Heino, Jaegar, one shot, two shot, three shot more. I'm king of the beer, I'm the VIP, we're on the lash, I'm with my crew. We're drinking, we're drinking, and everybody's drinking, just to get drunk. We're on the lock, like OMG, we're getting gee-eyed."

Andrew's Thurles-born father is the media-shy businessman Richard Quirke, an ex-guard and the arcade millionaire who owns Dr Quirkey's in O'Connell Street, Dublin, and is behind the proposed Las Vegas-style casino in TwoMileBorris, in North Tipperary.

It is being promoted by pole-topping yet controversial local Independent TD Michael Lowry who has said the Tipperary location is "ideal for its purpose".

If it gets the go-ahead the 800-acre rural site will be the largest development since EuroDisney and the €460m venture will provide a world class international equestrian centre, a golf club, a 15,000 capacity concert venue, a replica of the White House, as well as an 80,000 square metre hotel casino.

Despite discussions being at an advanced stage, no green light has been given for the business venture to go ahead; it is still before An Bord Pleanala.

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