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'Dr Botox' to sue rivals after leg and tummy jobs

'DUBLIN Housewives' star Danielle Meagher is to sue a cosmetic clinic for medical negligence.

According to papers filed in Dublin's High Court, the 37-year-old is seeking compensation relating to two procedures she underwent at the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic.

In 2010, Ms Meagher, also known as Dr Botox, underwent liposuction on her stomach. Then in 2011, the Dublin socialite underwent liposuction on her thighs.

Ms Meagher is pursuing the clinic and doctors for damages of €100,000-€120,000.

Sources close to the TV star, who runs the DermaFACE clinic, said that since undergoing the surgery she has been too embarrassed to wear a bikini or a dress because she is too self-conscious about her legs.

But a source close to the Cosmedico Clinic in Dublin has vigorously disputed her claims, saying: "We completely dispute all of these allegations.

"She has been seen in a bikini since the procedure on her stomach and we have witnesses to prove this."

Irish Independent