Monday 19 March 2018

Don't store T-shirts yet -- Indian summer is on the way

Breda Heffernan

BETTER late than never. Sunseekers are in for a treat next week with the country set to enjoy an Indian summer -- at least for a few days.

After a disappointing summer when temperatures struggled to break into the 20s, forecasters are predicting a late blast of sunshine in the second half of the week.

Temperatures are expected to push into the high teens on Tuesday and Wednesday before reaching the low 20s after that.

In contrast, typical late September weather usually sees maximum temperatures of between 14 and 17 degrees.

However, as with all weather predictions, there is a crucial caveat. How high the mercury rises will depend on the amount of cloud cover and it won't be wall-to-wall sunshine across the entire country.

"It's not cast-iron but there are indications that following the next few days things will be settling down for a few days," explained Met Eireann forecaster David Rogers.

"It will be pleasant and mainly dry with some sunshine over most of the country through the middle of next week and into next weekend.


"Next week temperatures will be several degrees higher than usual and could possibly touch 20 degrees and possibly higher. It is completely dependant on cloud and won't happen everywhere. For example, places near the sea won't be as warm," he added.

The late taste of summer is due to a number of factors including an absence of rain, high pressure settling over the country and winds coming from a south or south-easterly direction.

There will also be some rain and drizzle, mainly in the west, and this could be heavy at times.

Mr Rogers cautioned, however, that cloud "could spoil things".

Meanwhile, for this weekend it's the more usual fare of low temperatures, heavy rain and high winds.

Today will start out dry but heavy rain will move in from the west late in the day. Further rain is on the horizon for tomorrow and this could be heavy and possibly thundery in some areas, with a possibility of high winds.

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