Saturday 20 January 2018

Don't like the price? Stay in a homeless shelter, hotel tells Ed Sheeran fans

David Kearns

A Dublin hotel has told customers to contact homeless shelters after complaints were made about its rates on the night of Ed Sheeran’s Croke Park concerts.

In a scathing response posted on its Facebook page, the Charleville Lodge hotel in Phibsorough told anyone complaining about its prices that: “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

“If you are expecting reduced rates on these nights, you need your head examined,” the post read.

“If you are not happy to pay the going rate on the nights of the concerts, may I suggest you check availability in the following establishments: St Vincent De Paul Shelters, Simon Emergency Accommodation, and McVerry Trust Accommodation Services.”

The hotel even went so far to include the DSPCA's boarding kennels for “those who don't mind sharing with a dog”.

Charleville Lodge Hotel.jpg

The post has caused outraged on social media, not that the hotel seems to mind.

“Apologies to all the haters I don't have time to respond to individually. I wish I could as I think you all deserve an individual response. I just have to do a radio interview with RTE now,” the hotel posted afterwards.

“A warm welcome to all our newcomers, this is slightly overwhelming but very flattering,” it wrote, in reference likely to its new 20,000 page likes.

Rather than address the criticism that provoked the initial post: a woman shocked at the proposed €279 per double room rate for the concert nights, the hotel instead chose to launch a series of attacks on those that took offence over its ‘recommendations’.

In one such exchange, the hotel responds to a comment by insulting the users’ level of English.






Staff at the Charleville Lodge Hotel declined to comment when asked by, though one did confirm that there was “no plans” to alter their room rates in the run-up to the concert.

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