Friday 20 April 2018

Donkey hero needs cash to put abandoned pets on stable footing

Greg Harkin

EVEN the humble donkey can't escape the recession. The number of the animals taken in by one sanctuary has doubled in a year -- and it's getting worse.

A father of one who has become an accidental hero to more than 30 abandoned donkeys has issued an urgent appeal for help.

Danny Curran (41), from Raphoe in Co Donegal, took in a couple of donkeys a few years ago. Now he has so many he has had to set up his very own sanctuary.

"A donkey may have been the chosen mode of transport on the first Christmas, but there's not a lot of Christmas cheer for them now," said Mr Curran.

He urgently needs food and support to get these particular donkeys over the Christmas period.

"You can buy a donkey now for €20 and some owners would rather abandon them than go through the expense of selling them through a mart at a loss," he explained.

"Some are abandoned because people can't afford to keep them any longer.

"Other people buy them as pets and put them in their gardens only to realise that they ruin your lawn."

Mr Curran, a small farmer, said he grew up with donkeys on his father's property in Falcarragh and has had a fondness for them since then.

"They aren't really used as working animals anymore. There would only be five or six donkeys in the whole of Donegal that would be broken and working and they are used for shows and charity events. They are great animals but they aren't the ideal pet that some people think."

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