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Dog trainers offer to help family of autistic child left without €6k service dog


Joseph O’Brien Murray

Joseph O’Brien Murray

Joseph O’Brien Murray

A group of dog trainers have contacted Independent.ie to offer their services to the family who were left without their special €6,000 service dog.

The group, who wish to remain anonymous, contacted Independent.ie to offer their services free of charge after reading about the family's plight yesterday.

The group are experienced in training service dogs for special needs children and are eager to help the Murray family train a dog to suit Joseph's needs.

Speaking to Independent.ie, one of the trainers explained that they have previously trained dogs to each child's specific needs. One dog, for example, needed to be trained to go to his bed everytime his charge would have a fit, to avoid the dog or child coming to harm.

"We handpick the key things the child wants and we train the dogs to their needs".

Speaking to Independent.ie, Gillian Murray said the family were "delighted" with the offer.

"I'm going to call them right now, that's fantastic news!" 

Little Joseph O’Brien Murray (2) from Dublin suffers from Regressive Autism, when a child appears to develop typically but then starts to lose speech and social skills.

His parents Michael Murray and Gillian O’Brien Murray had been campaigning vigorously since last year to get their son his much-needed companion – a special Autistic service dog.

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