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Dog charity in urgent plea for new sanctuary

AN IRISH charity that rescues and fosters abandoned dogs has issued a desperate appeal for help after the threatened loss of their home.

Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) faces the loss of their sanctuary because the land they rent is set to be sold and the charity has to vacate the property.

In 2009, DAWG rescued a total of 663 dogs. DAWG volunteers are worried that, without their Doneraile sanctuary in north Cork, their work will have to end.

The recession, meanwhile, has resulted in a whopping 40pc increase in the number of dogs being abandoned or dumped by Irish owners, while DAWG has seen donations fall 30pc.

DAWG official Margaret Twohig warned that they could only continue their work with public support.

"Dogs seem to be one of the biggest victims of the recession -- we are getting calls morning, noon and night to collect abandoned or unwanted animals. It is heartbreaking," she said.

DAWG is now trying to raise €10,000 to cover financial commitments -- and has appealed to any landowner willing to rent them a small piece of property to be used as a sanctuary.

Donations can be made to DAWG at Permanent TSB 990709 A/C No. 11670826. For further information, see dogactionwelfaregroup.ie

Irish Independent