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Doctors bid to cut window-fall injuries

A STUDY of 45 Irish children who were brought to hospital after suffering serious falls from a height found that two had plunged more than 24 feet.

Doctors warn that a publicity campaign is warranted to highlight the frequency of injury among children following falls from windows.

They point out that targeted prevention strategies in the US, combined with data collection, publicity and building regulations reduced high falls by 93pc.

The study, led by Dr Brigid Freyne of Temple Street Hospital, which looked at children who were admitted over two years, found that of the 45 falls, 33 were in children under five and boys were three times more likely to be involved.

There were 44 falls were from windows, 31 from less than 12 feet and seven were witnessed. The two children who fell more than 24 feet both died, the findings in the 'Irish Medical Journal' revealed.

Irish Independent