Friday 17 January 2020

Doctor guilty of professional misconduct after telling patient to make daughter ‘a gift to him’

Dr Elkhabir: was guilty of professional misconduct.
Dr Elkhabir: was guilty of professional misconduct.

Edel O'Connell

AN on-call doctor who had to be bleeped repeatedly for an hour-and-a-quarter before he attended to an emergency patient with chest pains has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

He had also made inappropriate comments about a patient's daughter as he carried out a procedure he was not asked to do.

Sudanese physician Dr Eltayeb Elmubark Abdel Gadir Elkhabir was found guilty yesterday of professional misconduct by an Irish Medical Council fitness to practice committee for making inappropriate comments to a patient and failing to attend to a patient within an adequate time frame.

Dr Elkhabir, who has worked in various Irish hospitals since 2001, failed to attend the hearing yesterday.

The committee was told Dr Elkhabir was overheard making inappropriate comments to a patient while carrying out a procedure he was not asked to do, within 11 days of starting work as a junior doctor at Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise in January 2011.

The woman's daughter, who worked as an agency nurse at the hospital, had accompanied her mother to support her.

The nurse told how Dr Elkhabir had approached her that morning and introduced himself to her mother.

He then proceeded to carry out the procedure himself, which involved the insertion of a cannula - and he was overheard saying to the woman: "This is my gift to you, and she will be your gift to me" in reference to the woman's daughter.

When questioned about his behaviour at a disciplinary meeting Dr Elkhabir, a Muslim, said in his country people often did "favours for friends" and he liked the nurse in question.

He said if she "gave up alcohol and sex he would consider taking her as his wife".

A separate incident occurred on February 2, 2011 when a 47-year-old woman, who had recently suffered a heart attack, presented at the A&E department at 6am with chest pains.

The nursing staff immediately contacted Dr Elkhabir who was on-call. However, despite repeated attempts to contact him, Dr Elkabhir did not see the patient until an hour and a quarter later.

In an email, Dr Elkhabir told the IMC he had decided not to practise in Ireland again.

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