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Thursday 14 December 2017

DNA test points British woman abandoned at birth to Ireland

Karen Waterton, who believes both her parents could be Irish
Karen Waterton, who believes both her parents could be Irish

David Kearns

A British woman left abandoned as a baby in Manchester has made an emotional appeal to discover her birth mother, believing there is a good chance she could be Irish.

Karen Waterton is appealing to the Irish community in an effort to trace her birth parents, as fresh clues have pointed her in the direction of Ireland.

Abandoned more than 56 years ago, the mother-of-two was wrapped in a warm oilskin blanket and placed in a cardboard box by a doorstep in an area of Manchester called ‘Little Ireland’.

Speaking on RTE Radio, the now 57-year-old said a DNA test had lead her to believe both her parents could be Irish.

Please share.....I was abandoned in a cardboard box on 28th March 1958 in Grafton Street, Manchester (an area known as '...

Posted by Elizabeth Rylands on Saturday, 30 May 2015

“Two weeks ago, I took a test that show that my ancestry is 86 pc Irish,” she told Liveline.

“That likely means one of my parents is Irish, and considering where I was found I think it’s a real possibility.

“Back in 2009 when I first started thinking about my roots, I learned from a previous DNA test that there was a good chance I was Irish.”

“From my research I discovered I was found I an area called ‘Little Ireland’, and most of the people who lived their were Irish immigrants.”

Karen Waterton when she was young
Karen Waterton when she was young

Ms Waterton was found in Manchester at 11pm on Friday, March 28, 1958.

She was discovered on the steps of the Royal Ancient Order of Buffaloes building in Chorlton-on-Medlock.

Around five-days-old and weighing 5lb 8oz, she had been wrapped in a warm blanket by someone “who clearly wanted me to be found” she said.

“After I was discovered, I spent six weeks at the Duchess of York Children’s Hospital because of an abscess on my spine.

Karen Waterton when she was just a few moths old
Karen Waterton when she was just a few moths old

“I’m hoping that someone somewhere remembers a baby born in Manchester with a noticeably large birth mark on her shoulder and an abscess on her spine.

“Since I spent six weeks in hospital, I’m assuming [the abscess] was quite evident.

“Also, unlike most babies abandoned at the time, I was looked after for, quite well looked, for about five days. And it seems I was left to be found.”

As a result of an appeal seven years ago, a woman came forward who believed she could be her mother.

But after an anxious six-month wait, a DNA test came back negative.

"She had a baby a family member forced her to give up, and she lived near where I was found. We both wanted it to be a match, but sadly it wasn't the case."

Ms Waterton added: 'None of this is about blame, it's about finding out the truth before it's too late."

For more information about Ms Waterton and her search for her parents, visit here Facebook page.

Karen Waterton
Karen Waterton

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