Saturday 18 January 2020

DJ Carey: 'My 13-year-old son thought I was dead after nasty social media story'

DJ Carey’s son thought his father was dead after a nasty rumour on a social media site claimed the hurling legend had killed himself.

Carey made the shocking admission in today’s Irish Independent, which is publishing exclusive extracts of his autobiography, DJ: A Sporting Legend.

The hurling legend said that the day he collapsed with chest pains in April 2012, rumours quickly spread.

“When I collapsed in April 2012 and I was rushed to hospital. I was in hospital before Christine, (my ex wife) could get any news. My two young sons didn’t know anything about it.

"Word spread very quickly – so quickly, in fact, that it reached my son, Mikey before I had a chance to tell him exactly what had happened.

“A lad in school told him that I had committed suicide. Apparently he got it from some social media site.

"Now imagine a 13-year-old being told that his father had committed suicide when, in fact, all that had happened was that I had collapsed due to something brought on by a virus.

"Luckily, Christine was on the scene very quickly to reassure Mikey that everything would be fine, but it was still a horrible experience for him.”

Despite his adverse experiences on social media websites, Carey said that he has no problem with them – provided they are monitored.

“Social media is great as long as there is a face and a name and at the end of  any comments,” he said. “I have a problem with anonymous users.”

You can read more extracts from DJ Carey’s extraordinary autobiography in today’s Irish Independent. 

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