Tuesday 16 January 2018

Dita Von Teese reveals dramatic dress size fluctuations

Dita Von Teese says her dress size can vary depending on her workload.

The burlesque performer is renowned for her fascination with vintage clothes and has been wearing corsets since she was 18. The 40-year-old star boasts a 22-inch waist and has even been known to measure a tiny 16 inches in a corset.

Dita has explained her dress size fluctuates, particularly when she is on the road with her famous striptease shows. To ensure her outfits are always a perfect fit, she customises each item.

“I can measure anything from a size 4 up to a 12! So I tend to go for the second smallest dress size and have it tailored at the waist,” she told British magazine Closer. “If I’m wearing corsets on tour for several hours a day then I can get a smaller measurement. But I’m not concerned about the number, rather the way I look on stage. I like the exaggeration of my shape…. It’s important for me to care about how I look from the rear.”

Dita relies on regular Pilates classes and also swears by ballet and horse dressage to help her stay in shape.

The star says working up a sweat makes it easier for her to spend hours in high heels.

“I have more energy and can walk strongly in high heels when I’ve been working out. I’m definitely a better performer,” she explained.

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