Tuesday 16 January 2018

Dissident Ryan among hardliners

Paul Williams

A BROTHER of murdered Real IRA crime boss Alan Ryan was one of the ring leaders of dissident republicans who tried to hijack a peaceful protest at the Dail.

Senior gardai identified Dermot Ryan, a prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, as a leading member of a group of dissidents who took over the legitimate anti-austerity protest.

Ryan's 32 County Sovereignty Committee turned up with other militant republican groups like Republican Sinn Fein, Irish Republican Voice and Eirigi.

Gardai say that hardliners mingled with the other protesters before trying to storm the gates of the Dail.

Many of the hundreds of other protesters who turned out at the first day of the Dail term said they wanted nothing to do with the troublemakers.

A senior garda said: "Some protesters only want to cause confrontation and violence. They also come prepared to provoke a response from gardai so that they can make official complaints and claim police brutality."

They later moved to Bachelors Walk and O'Connell Street where they blocked off the roads, causing traffic chaos.

The dissident republicans even turned their anger at their former comrades in Sinn Fein, who they accused of selling out.

They earlier invaded the Sinn Fein book shop on Parnell Street chanting: "Sinn Fein, shame on you."

The same mob, including Dermot Ryan and his brother Alan, also hijacked a student protest outside Government Buildings in November 2010.

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