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Disney Store given go-ahead for security gate to stop homeless sleeping in doorway


Disney Store on Grafton Street

Disney Store on Grafton Street

Disney Store on Grafton Street

The Disney Store in Dublin has been given the green light for contentious plans for a new security gate to stop homeless people rough sleeping in the doorway of its Grafton Street shop.

It follows Dublin City Council granting planning permission to the Disney Store after it lodged revised plans.

In an objection to the plan, a volunteer in the homeless sector, Enda Fanning, argued: "The proposed industrial security gates are a gross over-reaction to the current situation."

In a submission lodged with the council, he wrote: "For a company such as Disney to use a planning application to simply 'move on' a problematic issue, rather than making an effort to engage on the issue with those working in the area of homelessness, is unfair and unhelpful to the overall problem.

"For many thousands, such recessed doorways across the city and country are the only hope of a bed for the night."

However, CBRE, consultants for the Disney Store, said there had been "improper use of the doorway" and staff had seen it being used "by the homeless for sleeping, alongside apparent drug use being reported".

They said staff had been exposed to "threatening behaviour and confrontation" and gardaĆ­ had been contacted on "multiple occasions" to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Last December, the council requested revised plans, saying it was concerned with the materials proposed.

The Disney Store lodged revised plans and the council planner in the case said the new drawings show "a bespoke design for the proposed gate" and recommended granting planning permission.

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