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Disgraced Fingleton to appear at employment tribunal


Disgraced former Irish Nationwide boss Michael Fingleton has been be ordered to appear as a witness at an Employment Appeals Tribunal on September 15.

The order was made by chair of the tribunal Dermot McCarthy today during the hearing of a case of a former manager of one of the building society’s Monaghan branches who was sacked in 2009.

The case has been taken against Nationwide by Brendan Beggan.

He is also the partner of whistleblower Olivia Greene, who last year revealed Fingleton fast-tracked loans to Fianna Fail politicians including €1.6m for former EU commissioner Charlie McCreevy.

Beggan, who had earlier claimed he had been bullied and harassed by Nationwide, had outstanding loans and mortgages with Irish Nationwide on his home and a number of other properties in the Monaghan area.

He also claimed the building society unfairly dismissed him because he sold one of the properties for €202,000 without telling it .

Irish Nationwide says the dismissal was lawful because of Beggan’s failure to repay the mortgage on a property and that he acknowledged his actions in the matter amounted to gross misconduct.

Beggan’s barrister, Mary Paula McGuinness, disagreed with this.

McGuinness said when her client realised the proceeds from the sale of the property had run out and he couldn’t pay the mortgage, he told Fingleton.