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Disappointed Mary wanted 'blood and thunder'

MOST were relieved it was a relaxed affair. Nothing like the Fianna Fail heaves of old, when passions ran high and the party split straight down the middle.

But one TD who sat in the Dail through the eras of Charles Haughey and Albert Reynolds was disappointed by the politeness of the latest heave, led by the ever-mannerly Micheal Martin.

Longford-Westmeath TD Mary 'Mammy' O'Rourke said Tuesday night's parliamentary party meeting was, disappointingly, "all very polite".

She made her comments on her new favourite medium, Twitter.

"Would have preferred a bit of blood and thunder myself," she said. "This politeness won't last!"

She also claimed the vote was two to one in favour of Taoiseach Brian Cowen, while conceding the result was being kept secret. Her guess, while plausible, is about as reliable as a TD's declaration of support in a secret ballot.

Cork East TD Ned O'Keeffe was also spinning the rather ridiculous line that the vote was actually just 37-34 for Mr Cowen.

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