Tuesday 20 February 2018

Disabled man brought knives to his welfare appointment

• In April 2009, a man getting disability allowance attended a Waterford office for an appointment with a doctor and nurse. He told staff he was carrying knives and showed them "five large kitchen knives" tucked into his waistband. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital and admitted for treatment. Nobody was injured.

• In November 2009, a row erupted between three men and one woman in front of other "very frightened" members of the public, and their children. One of the men pulled a knife and it was "at least 10 minutes" before gardai arrived. It is not known if any arrests were made.

• In January 2010, a man assaulted another man with a baseball bat in the corridor of the main entrance hall in a Limerick office.

• In February 2010, a customer in a Ballymun office was attacked by three other men and beaten up. The victim refused to co-operate with the gardai.

• In May 2010, a man produced a concealed knife in a Dublin office. The knife slipped from his hand, which allowed the staff member to withdraw behind a security door. The man was arrested shortly afterwards. It is not known if he was charged.

• In June 2010, a pensioner on disability attacked a senior staff worker after he was asked to confirm his identity. He threw a punch at the worker -- which did not connect -- before grabbing the worker and pinning them against the wall. He said he would kill the worker and their family. It is not known if the pensioner was arrested or charged.

• In October 2010, a man poured petrol over the counter and hallway of the office in Ballina, Co Mayo. Staff said he "threatened to set the place alight". When gardai arrived, he had a cigarette lighter in his hand. He was given a suspended 18-month sentence.

• In August 2011, two Travellers arrived in the Ennis, Co Clare, office with hurleys. They "appeared to be waiting for someone in the queue" but left when they were told gardai had been called.

• In March 2012, a man was refused "replacement cups and replacement sheets/ bedding". He started to remove his clothes, verbally abuse people, and then made remarks about "blacks" and "foreigners" to others in the waiting room.

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