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Disability charity will make case for top-ups


St Vincent's Hospital, Merrion Road

St Vincent's Hospital, Merrion Road

St Vincent's Hospital, Merrion Road

A MAJOR disability organisation, which is threatened with a cut in funding over salary top-ups, will move to avert the financial crisis today.

The Brothers of Charity South and South East are among five HSE-funded bodies which have been told a 20pc cut in cash funding will be imposed by Friday if it fails to follow instructions aimed at phasing out top-ups.

The warning arose because of the failure of the Brothers of Charity regions, St John of God, St Vincent's Hospital and St James's Hospital to submit business cases to the HSE to justify why they believe the top-ups should continue.

Johanna Cooney, chief executive of the Brothers of Charity, told the Irish Independent that it will submit the business cases to the HSE today.

The delay arose because both regional sections of the organisation had been asked to reproduce the information needed "in a new template form". It is still unclear if the other hospitals and St John of God will submit business cases within the deadline.

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