Wednesday 17 July 2019

Dáil to determine if Rangers join 'most-dangerous' mission


Irish Army Rangers in training. File photo
Irish Army Rangers in training. File photo
Tom Brady

Tom Brady

The Dáil will determine if a contingent from the Army Ranger Wing will join the most dangerous United Nations peace mission in the world later this year.

The Government gave the go-ahead at yesterday's Cabinet meeting for the deployment of the Rangers to the Minusma peace enforcement mission in war-torn Mali, in late summer or early autumn.

But the Dáil must approve participation of the troops as the final part of the "triple-lock mechanism", following the backing of the UN and the Government.

The Cabinet supported the recommendation of the minister with responsibility for defence, Paul Kehoe, that the Rangers should be deployed on a four-month rotation over two years.

More than a dozen Rangers will join the mission, which has suffered the loss of 125 peacekeepers since 2013, with 18 fatalities this year.

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