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Sunday 26 January 2020

Digging intensifies in woods as search for Trevor's body goes on

Trevor Deely
Trevor Deely

Alan O'Keeffe

An extensive search of the three-acre woodland site in Dublin for the remains of missing man Trevor Deely continued throughout yesterday.

A gun found in the derelict council-owned land at Chapelizod was undergoing a painstaking examination by forensic experts.

A Garda spokesman said last night that digging machinery was doing a significant amount of work at the large site at this point of the planned search.

A team of forensic anthropologists will be intensifying its work after the machinery has completed most of its tasks.

He said the nature of the work yesterday meant there was "a limited amount" that gardaí could complete at this stage.

The planned search of the site would continue "for a number of weeks", he said.

The firearm was located on Tuesday by officers searching the area following fresh information from an informant.

So far, there has been no trace of the 22-year-old bank employee who disappeared following his office Christmas party on a rainy night in 2000.

He was last seen at 4.14am walking in the vicinity of Baggot Street Bridge.

It is believed he was on his way home to his flat in Ballsbridge.

Garda officers said that information that indicated his body had been buried in a three-acre site at Chapelizod was being treated as credible.

The finding of the gun could be the most significant development in the case yet.

However, gardaí have declined to reveal what type of gun was found. It is yet possible the gun may have been from an earlier historical period.

If the gun is a modern firearm that could have been used 17 years ago, it would be a cause of deep interest for ballistic experts.

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