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Dig up a tax break

If the long sunlit evenings are inspiring you to do a major overhaul of your garden, did you know you could avail of a €4,000 tax break?

Landscaping work is included in the Government's Home Renovations Incentive scheme, which allows you claim an income tax rebate of between €595 and €4,045 for work on your home or garden.

The scheme is available on work costing between €4,405 and €30,000 before VAT, as long as you use a HRI-registered landscaper or contractor to do it, who must log the detail with the revenue in advance. A series of smaller jobs can also be added together to avail of it.

It runs till the end of this year and the tax rebate is paid out over two years after the work is done. Full details are available on revenue.ie.

- Aideen Sheehan

Irish Independent