Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Did you leave your bombs at home' airport staff member asks shocked passenger

The passenger was so
The passenger was so "incensed" by the remark that he walked away, he told Joe Duffy on Liveline.

An incensed Aer Lingus passenger has told how he was asked by an Aer Lingus employee if he left his bombs at home.

David, a caller to RTE's Liveline today, said he was making his way through the self check-in at Heathrow Airport in London.

And he claimed that the Aer Lingus employee made an off-the-cuff and offensive remark to himself and his friend.

"There were two of us and we were checking in, and he said to us: 'well lads, did you leave your bombs at home today?'"

"After he said it we just carried on checking in. We weren't completely sure if that's what he said."

When David confirmed with the Aer Lingus employee that he had said the remark, he was so incensed that he had to walk away.

"So I walked over to him again, and I said 'excuse me, did you just say 'well lads, did you leave your bombs at home?'"

"I just took his badge and walked off. I was so incensed that I just walked off."

"I made a complaint over the website to Aer Lingus when I returned hom. I outlined what happened and that I was at the self check-in."

David said the response he received from Aer Lingus was "pretty weak in fairness".

It said that they "apologise" for any upset caused and they're "confident" it won't happen again.

In a statement read out on air by presenter Joe Duffy, Aer Lingus said it had written to David to apologise, and they have procedures and policies in place to deal with such incidents.

Those procedures are being followed, the statement said.

David added: "I felt it needed to be addressed. We just thought that stage had passed."

"He had a broad London accent or a southern English accent. The guy perhaps did mean it in a light-hearted way."

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