Wednesday 16 October 2019

Developer in US on wife's visa

THE US Department of State issues up to 140,000 employment-based visas every year, including some for people willing to invest in commercial enterprises that create jobs.

Counsel for Ulster Bank, which is owed €164m by the businessman, told the High Court in February that Mr Dunne was resident in the US on a temporary business visa.

It is understood the visa is in his wife Gayle Killilea's name and that he is entitled to remain in the US as her spouse.

The Department of State says to qualify as an "immigrant investor", a foreign national must invest – without borrowing – a minimum of $1m (€780,000), or $500,000 (€390,000) in a high-employment or rural area targeted for job creation.

Ms Killilea is understood to have made a number of property investments in the US.

Mr Dunne chose to file for bankruptcy in the US because he could be debt-free in six months, compared with 12 years here.

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