Monday 22 January 2018

Detective opens fire as man points 'gun' at taxi driver

A bullet hole in the windscreen of a car at scene of a shooting at Greencastle Road, Coolock
A bullet hole in the windscreen of a car at scene of a shooting at Greencastle Road, Coolock

Ken Foy Crime Correspondent

AN armed detective opened fire at a suspect who he believed had a gun when the young man pointed his replica weapon at an innocent taxi driver.

The dramatic incident unfolded at around 2.30am yesterday at Greencastle Road, Coolock, Dublin, after officers responded to a call by the suspect who claimed he had a bomb.

Armed back-up was called when the young man pointed -- what has turned out to be a replica gun -- at the gardai.

As the situation got more tense, a taxi driver arrived on the scene in his car and when the young man pointed his fake gun at him, the decision was made to shoot the suspect.

However, the shot missed and no one was injured in the incident as the taxi man had already jumped out of his car.

The suspect -- who was not previously known to gardai -- remained in custody last night.

Yesterday morning, a bullet-hole could be seen in the windscreen of a nearby car.

A man was arrested after a female passer-by and a taxi driver were threatened with a gun and a bomb on Greencastle Road. One shot was fired by armed gardai before the man was overpowered.

"The man rang gardai saying he had a bomb and was prepared to detonate it," a source said. "When they arrived on the scene, he was brandishing what they thought was a firearm but it was actually a replica."

Gardai sealed off the scene at the junction of Greencastle Road and Barryscourt Road and a forensic examination of the area was conducted.

The matter was notified to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission as a matter of protocol but is being investigated by garda.

Residents on Greencastle Road told the Irish Independent that they heard gardai trying to persuade the man to drop his weapon.

"We were woken up by shouting," said one woman. "All we could hear was 'put down the gun, put down the gun' being said over and over again."


Another neighbour said he then saw gardai tackle the man to the ground.

Gardai confirmed that armed members attended the scene and one shot was fired.

A replica gun was recovered at the scene.

The man who was arrested is a local in his 20s and is being detained under Section 30 of the Offences against the State Act, at Coolock garda station.

Irish Independent

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