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Friday 20 April 2018

Details on birth cert back claims of family

THE Irish Independent has obtained a copy of the birth certificate of the girl that the Roma family based in Tallaght say was wrongly taken from them.

The publicly available document appears to back up the assertion by the Roma family that the seven-year-old girl is theirs.

The surname matches the names being given out by the family, as does the exact date and place of birth, the father's name, the mother's name, as well as her name prior to her marriage.

The infant's first name on the birth record differed from the name currently used by the girl. But it was accepted that this was not unusual in families and was not a factor in the investigation.

The address given on the birth cert is different to the Tallaght address where the family are now living, but when the little girl's older sister was asked where they had lived at the time of her birth, she supplied an address that matched the Dublin suburb written on the cert.

The cert records the girl as being born at a Dublin maternity hospital which would be the closest one to the address where they lived at the time of her birth.

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