Wednesday 21 February 2018

Desperate dad of missing man and girlfriend: Help me find my son and give him a Christian burial Newsdesk Newsdesk

The devastated father of missing Willie Maughan has released an emotional video in which he asks for his missing son to be returned to him so he can give "him a Christian burial"

Willie Maughan and his partner Ana Varslavane have been missing since April 2015 and gardai believe that they were murdered by a ruthless gangster.

Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan
Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan
The bridge overlooking the search area where gardai were looking for Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan

It is feared the couple may have been abducted from their Gormanstown, Co Dublin, home on April 14 earlier this year and subsequently murdered.

In the emotional video, which was posted on Facebook, Mr Joseph Maughan said that he was distraught about not knowing what has happened to his son.

"My son was heard alive at 2.25pm on April 14," he said in the video.

"I'm asking people out there in all communities if they have any little of information where my son and his girlfriend lies.

"My prayers will be with them if they can clear their conscience and give that information to me or someone in authority.

"I will respect them for that. Please. Because tomorrow it could be your kids and you could be doing the same thing that I am doing tonight.

"Mr Maughan said he believes his son and Ms Varslavane are dead and all he wants is to give them a funeral.

"I want to bury my son and the wee lassie and I want to give them a Christian burial like any human being. That's all I am asking for."

Mr Maughan also branded the people who took is son as "low-life cowards" and said they murdered his son in cold blood.

In the video, Mr Maughan, who lives in Tallaght, also thanked people for saying prayers his family.

"I want to say thank you to those who said lit the candles for my family. I want to thank them for that.

A clearly distraught Mr Maughan called his son's suspected "low-life cowards" in the video.

Mr Maughan's parents previously said that they "fear the worst" and that their son was killed because "he knew too much".

"My son knew something that he should not have known and that is why they have been taken away," his father said.

"Our son is not a criminal and his girlfriend is an innocent girl who has no family in this country. We want them back no matter what," Joseph said.

"We are fearing the worst but praying to God for the best."

William and Anna had been living in a mobile home on land just off the M1 motorway at Gormanstown in recent months.

He and his girlfriend were moving back to the family home in west Dublin on the day they went missing.

He last spoke to his mother at around 2.25pm on Tuesday, April 14. Helen believes they were abducted as she was on her way to pick them up.

"William had arranged to come home that day and I was on my way to collect him. He said he was breaking his links to the people he was associated with and didn't want them to know that he was leaving," she said.

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