Monday 23 September 2019

Desmond fails to keep Glackin data from tribunal

A LEGAL bid by businessman Dermot Desmond to prevent the findings of the Glackin report being read into the public record of the Moriarty Tribunal was turned down by the Supreme Court yesterday.

Presiding judge Ms Justice Susan Denham said to challenge references to a public document by the tribunal was to assume an immense burden. She held it would be "an extraordinary intrusion" on the working of the tribunal for a court to exclude references by the tribunal in questions or submissions to this public document.

She could envisage such an intrusion arising only in wholly extraordinary circumstances. Such circumstances did not arise in Mr Desmond's case.

The Glackin report dealt with the sale of the Johnston Mooney and O'Brien site at Ballsbridge, to Telecom Eireann, and the involvement of two property companies in which Mr Desmond was found to have an interest. In the High Court, lawyers for Mr Desmond said he disputed the Glackin Report.

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