Thursday 21 November 2019

Dehydrated animals suffer effects of heatwave

Emma Jane Hade and Valerie Loftus

ANIMAL rescue charities are calling on the public to look out for wild and stray animals suffering from the effects of the heatwave.

The charities have rescued hundreds of dehydrated animals since the hot weather began.

The ISPCA are "strongly advising" homeowners to leave some shallow bowls of water in their gardens for dehydrated animals.

Rosie Campbell of Animal Magic, a Limerick-based rescue and rehab for wild animals, told the Irish Independent that she has rescued over 140 animals in the past few weeks alone.

The animals include hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits, hares and small birds.

Most of the animals are dehydrated and starving, as they are finding it difficult to access water and their regular prey is hiding from the strong heat rays.

Rosie's latest rescue is a female fox cub.

"She is seven or eight weeks old. We found her in a dehydrated state but now we have on her on a drip, so fingers crossed," said Rosie.

Lisa O'Donovan, an inspector with the ISPCA in Cork, said: "If you find a dehydrated domesticated animal like a cat or a dog, carefully wrap them in a wet towel and feed them spoonfuls of cold water to cool them down."

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