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Defiance evaporates -- to be replaced by tears

ALL but cowering in a corner seat at the back of the courtroom, Sean Quinn's eyes welled with tears.

He mopped his brow with a trembling hand as he listened to his lawyer describe him in terms that seemed to disrobe him of the last vestiges of his dignity: "Broken, bereft, forlorn."

If his tears were those of humiliation, remorse or grief, it was difficult to tell -- but the hardboiled Quinn defiance had evaporated.

Two IBRC executives fiddled with their cuffs as the hearing continued.

One of them nodded in agreement as he heard Eugene Grant QC describe his client as a creator of wealth who had once employed 8,000 worldwide.

Eventually Justice Elizabeth Dunne turned her attention to the matter of Sean Quinn Jnr, fixing a date for his case to be mentioned next week.

"In reference to the other matter, I'll deal with it tomorrow morning," she said. And with these seemingly casual words, the fate of the father hovered for another night.

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