Monday 22 January 2018

Defence Forces to adopt new system for promotions

Tom Brady Security Editor

A merit-based system of promotion within the Defence Forces -- from the rank of general to non-commissioned officer (NCO) -- is being introduced by the military.

It follows an agreement reached by the military management with the two staffing associations during the Croke Park talks.

Members of Raco, the officers' association, accepted a fully merit-based promotion scheme.

It will eliminate seniority and length-of-service criteria, revise the existing assessment system and offer improved opportunities for advancement to junior officers.

The officers previously agreed to a form of merit-based promotion but it factored in seniority. The new scheme will be based entirely on competency and is to be fully implemented within a year.

A merit-based scheme is also being finalised by management with Pdforra, which represents soldiers, sailors and air crew.


It will be piloted with the approval of the association's national executive and will open up promotions for NCOs across the system.

It will enable personnel to be promoted to all units throughout the State and will facilitate redeployment of personnel across units and formations.

The number of interview boards will also be reduced from a potential of 500 this year to only 15 to 20.

The talks have also dealt with the redeployment this year of 1,050 personnel to different posts within the organisation.

The moves are directed largely at covering staff reductions where existing personnel have either left the Defence Forces or have been posted overseas with UN-mandated missions.

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