Friday 13 December 2019

Declan Ganley relieved after flight forced into emergency landing due to engine failure

Irish entrepreneur Declan Ganley
Irish entrepreneur Declan Ganley
Declan Ganley

BUSINESSMAN Declan Ganley has spoken of his relief after the American flight he was on landed safely following engine failure last night.

The flight from Newark Liberty International Airport was destined for Shannon when it was forced into an emergency u-turn after losing power in one of the four engines, Mr Ganley has said

"Thank GOD! Landed back at Newark on one engine... we had taken off, up 10 minutes, 1 engine went out, returned," he said on Twitter.

The plane was only 10 minutes airborne when one of the engines failed, forcing the pilot into the emergency landing.

Thankfully for Ganley and the other passengers involved, the plane quickly returned with just three engines in operation where the Newark Airport fire service was waiting to guide the plane back to the airport runway.

Efforts to contact the airline involved were unsuccessful this morning.

Last year, Mr Ganley also revealed how he had a lucky escape after a freak weather event caused trees to fall on a US restaurant where he had been eating just seconds earlier

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