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Death of Doc 'Old Man Trouble' Carroll

MUSICIANS from around the country lined up to pay tribute yesterday to former Royal Blues showband star Doc Carroll (63), who died on Sunday night following a long illness.

Martin (better known as 'Doc') Carroll was originally from Mayo but lived most of his life in Athlone. He died in hospital in Dublin and is survived by his wife Mary and family.

His most famous hit was 'Old Man Trouble', recorded in 1966. It stayed at number one on the Irish charts for nine weeks and is credited with making him famous.

His career lasted 40 years and he recorded 26 singles during that time. He famously gave Louis Walsh his first job at 15, working in a pub and managing a fan club, and gave Irish Eurovision hopeful Donna McCaul her first break. Yesterday Ms McCaul said she owed "an awful lot to Doc".

"He gave me great encouragement. I played with Doc and the Showband Stars for two years and it was a great experience."

Country-and-western star Tony Allen of Foster and Allen, who played with Doc in The Night Runners, also paid tribute to the legend.