Thursday 20 June 2019

'Dear Mr Cowen, I am sad that you have hurt Ireland'

Eight-year-old Evan Tynan Geary, who wrote a letter, inset, to Brian Cowen
Eight-year-old Evan Tynan Geary, who wrote a letter, inset, to Brian Cowen

Nicola Anderson

AS indictments go, it could not be more damning or more forceful.

While all eyes focused on the Taoiseach as he stood to address the nation on the four-year plan on Wednesday, one small boy felt compelled to put pencil to paper to deliver the message to Brian Cowen that he has "hurt Ireland".

In a child's language of devastating simplicity, Evan Tynan Geary (8), from Piltown, Co Kilkenny, wrote to Mr Cowen to tell him what he thinks of him.

Parents Aoife and Andrew said they have no wish to worry their son with details of adult concerns, but when little Evan spied a tabloid headline lambasting the Government as "gobshites" he began to ask questions of his own.

"I don't want to lie to him so I'm telling him the very basics -- that we have to work harder for less money," said Aoife.

She says her son had noticed that she has had to be away from home more since she was forced to let staff go at her business in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Meanwhile, also on Evan's mind lately has been the looming worry that Santa might not be making toys this year. He was finishing off his homework as his parents watched the Taoiseach deliver details of the four-year plan on Wednesday when he asked: "Who's that man?"

Then, rather than writing a letter to Santa, Evan decided to write to Mr Cowen instead.

"Dear Mr Cowen. My name is Evan Tynan Geary. I am eight years old," the letter began.

"I like school. I like my mammy and daddy. They work very hard. We have a nice house. I am very sad that you hurt Ireland. You have hurt my mammy, daddy and me. We have to pay lots of money. Signed Evan Tynan Geary."

"It was entirely his own idea. We thought he was finishing off his endless Santa letter," explained Aoife. The mother of one says she will post the letter off to the Taoiseach.

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