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Thursday 17 October 2019

Dean's emotional plea to sister in 2008

IN January 2008, Dean wrote the following heartfelt appeal to his younger sister to come home to the family:

"I don't know if you ran away, but if you have, just give us a text or something.

"I don't know if you will see this, but I hope so. Nobody knows what happened to you, and everybody's really scared because it's two weeks now and we haven't heard anything from you.

"We really miss you and are all worried sick. Mam is crying all the time and the house is just empty without you and all your noise.

"I miss you a lot. I even miss you stealing my CDs and pinching roast potatoes off my plate at dinner.

"Please, please come home, Amy. I don't know if you ran away, but if you have, just give us a text or something to say you're alright.

"Maybe you are scared because of all the fuss it's caused, but that doesn't matter. We just want you back in the house. Remember when you used to love going out on the back of my moped and driving around. I'm thinking of that a lot and the laughs we had.

"I know you wanted to ride the moped, but you were too young.

"But I promise when you come back home I'll give you lessons on how to do it right and maybe you can even get one for yourself.

"Also, if you're some place where you can't come home or even get in touch, then don't be scared. The police are out looking for you with dogs and helicopters, and I'm sure they'll find you and bring you back. We're all praying.

"The papers are even saying they're praying for you in Ireland. Don't worry. It will soon be over. Hope you get this message.

"Love you loads. Dean xxx Big hug sis."

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