Saturday 20 January 2018

Davis still won't give details on board pay

Majella O'Sullivan

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Mary Davis has still failed to disclose the amount of money she earned on state boards, despite her insistence that her earnings are "transparent".

The Independent candidate has also claimed that revelations about her earnings from boards she was appointed to by Fianna Fail governments have not damaged her campaign.

The chief executive of Special Olympics Ireland has moved to distance herself from any association with Fianna Fail and insists she is a "totally independent" candidate.

"All that information is detailed in the annual reports of those boards, but what concerns me more is the suggestion of the link with Fianna Fail, which is absolutely and totally untrue," Ms Davis told the Irish Independent.

On Saturday, the Irish Independent revealed she had been paid almost €190,000 by state agencies to which she was appointed by Fianna Fail ministers. The state board payments she received were on top of her €156,000-a-year salary as chief executive of the Special Olympics.

Speaking in Dingle where she visited the food and wine festival at the weekend, Ms Davis denied that her appointments by Fianna Fail had put a question mark over her independence.

"I have worked with all parties. My job as chief executive of Special Olympics Ireland meant that I worked with the government of the day and for 14 of those years Fianna Fail was in government," she said.


"Of course you build up a working relationship with the government, exactly as I did with a Fine Gael-led government in the early 1990s."

Ms Davis said she had always been transparent in her appointment to boards, all of which were listed on her website.

Ms Davis veered away from the bright colours on her canvas of Kerry at the weekend and chose a purple and green brocade coat with a purple pencil skirt by Irish designer, Caroline Kilkenny.

She rejected the suggestion that her air-brushed image on her campaign posters sent out the wrong message.

"I'm very proud of my age and the experience I've accumulated," she said. "It was a matter of good photography, good lighting and I'd love to look like that every morning when I get up, but it's not always possible," she said.

She also rejected the suggestion that she was a "bland" candidate.

"I'd say it's more an uncontroversial candidate. I don't have anything in my past that I fear about," she said.

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