Wednesday 21 November 2018

'Dave what have you done?' - Irishman irks wife by turning his garden into a brewery

Dave Henderson and Sheree Phillip. Pic: Facebook
Dave Henderson and Sheree Phillip. Pic: Facebook
Eamon Sweeney

Eamon Sweeney

An Irishman risked the wrath of his wife after he set up a complete brewery in the backyard of their Australian home.

Sheree Phillip (33) was at home in a suburb of Sydney when husband Dave Henderson (39) pulled up in a removal truck containing all the paraphernalia required to kick-start his dream of launching his own craft beer empire.

The unsuspecting wife was stunned to learn that he had bought a shed, refrigeration equipment and an entire microbrewery system from sellers on a classifieds website.

The brewing gear has consumed almost all of the space in the couple's back garden.

Mr Henderson, who is originally from the North and is an engineer by trade, learned how to brew while working in Australia's Northern Territory.

"He brought it home and my first reaction was, 'What have you done?' It was ridiculous... he's come back with a big shed and a whole lot of brewing equipment," his wife said.

However, she has now pitched in to help her husband get the business off the ground.

Mr Henderson bought the kegerator for $500 (€333), the shed for $500 (€333) and the brewery equipment for $4,000 (€2,661), which was purchased by the first owners for $20,000 (€13,308), according to the Daily Mail.

He said that, after his wife's initial shock, "it was just a matter of a bit of persuasion and also making sure that Sheree was heavily involved in the quality control process".

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