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Daniel is 'shite', Geldof has no talent, says Louis Walsh

BARRY EGAN POP impresario Louis Walsh has taken aim at two of Ireland's most successful musical exports, branding Daniel O'Donnell's music as "camp", "soulless" and "shite", and dismissing Bob Geldof as a "non-talent" and a Mick Jaggerimpersonator.

Walsh, who relishes his reputation as king of the bitchy putdown, has also returned fire on pop star Robbie Williams as their show business feud continues.

"Daniel O'Donnell," he declares, "is the greatest pile of shite. It is nothing to do with him, he just cannot sing. He cannot dance. I saw him doing a rock 'n' roll thing on TV and it was, unintentionally, the funniest thing I've ever seen. He had a pink jacket on. He was dressed like Liberace. He is very successful, but you don't have to be that talented to be successful. I meet himall the time. He knows thatI think he's crap. I call him Danielle.

"I don't see any market for Daniel apart from older ladies with blue rinses in their hair. Maybe he should do a tour with that other non-talent, Bob Geldof. My nightmare would be to have to sit through an entire show of Daniel's and watch him trying to be sincere with all these old ladies. My mother loves him.

"Daniel actually has no soul in his music," he says. "Now he is being extremely brave by trying to sing and dance. His rock 'n' roll show is the funniest and campest thing I have ever burst my sides laughing to on TV. Daniel has no rock and no roll," Louis laughs.

"He was so camp it was beyond dreadful. He has a huge following but so did the Pied Piper. I can't understand why Irish acts like Mundy and Gemma Hayes get very little recognition and airplay and someone as ridiculously untalented as Daniel O'Donnell gets all the attention."

And when he was asked about Robbie Williams's comments earlier last week, that Walsh had criticised him because he secretly wanted to sleep with the ex-Take That star, Louis laughed and said: "Please! Robbie Williams trying to slag me off is more entertaining than any of his records ever could be. The man is touched.

"It is also kind of flattering. Robbie is one of the biggest stars in the world - apart from North and South America, where poor Robbie can't give away his records. What does he care if I don't like his music? I have nothing against him as a person. Apart from those ugly tattoos, of course. It is so hilarious. I am actually laughing."

Damning Williams with faint praise, the man behind Boyzone said he admired Robbie for making it with "such little talent".

"I have nothing against him as a person. I just don't play his music. I don't have any of his songs on my iPod. I have lots of other crap songs on there - but none of his crap songs. I don't like Let Me Entertain You. I don't like Angels. She's the One is average but OK.

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"He is a mess. He is insecure about something. Every day he looks for the bad things that people say about him as opposed to the good things. I know that for a fact. I don't know why he is so insecure, because he is so successful and he is filthy rich."

The Robbie-Louis feud goes back to when Walsh said he disliked the fact that Robbie was always slagging Gary Barlow, the founder member who wrote all the songs.

"And I didn't go to his gig in Croke Park because I can't abide his music," Louis says. "I knew him when he used to hang around Dublin after Take That and he wasn't successful and he was kind of fat. He was a friend of Keith Duffy's and was great fun. I think since he gave up the drugs and the drink, he hates himself and is overly defensive."

He says that he felt sorry for the 45 people who went to a Bob Geldof concert in Rome.

"We have that many people in the loo at a Westlife gig," Walsh said.

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