Thursday 26 April 2018

Dancing taxi driver Wayne Gets Lucky as his street dance is YouTube hit

Cormac Murphy

IT was Strictly Come Dancing in the sunshine of Dublin.

The impromptu pairing of a taxi man and an EU presidency spokeswoman delighted onlookers and has now become a YouTube hit.

Driver Wayne Karney, who is in his late 30s, was looking for fares when he came across a street party in Dublin’s city centre.

Before he knew it, he was out of his car and dancing with Andrea Pappin – spokeswoman for Ireland’s presidency of the EU – to Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

“It was at the back of George's Street. It was pumping music,” Wayne said.

“I just happened to drive up that street and this girl started dancing. I couldn't get by.

“There were a lot of people there and there was dance music on. This girl was dancing in front of the car,” he told the Herald.

“To be honest with you, it was very off-the-cuff, it wasn't planned or anything. Everyone was having a laugh.”

It happened outside the Dame Tavern at about 8.30pm last Friday as workers and visitors enjoyed the sun.

“There were about 500 people there. The whole street was full. I couldn't count them. I just drove into the street and there were so many people,” Wayne said.

Almost 250,000 people have now viewed the YouTube clip, which starts with Wayne bopping in his car before being encouraged out onto the street by Ms Pappin.

By the looks of it, he didn't need to be asked twice.

And he was the perfect man for the job because of his entertainment background.

“I'm an actor and entertainer. I was Daniel Day-Lewis' brother in My Left Foot. I'm an entertainer and singer. I'm in Love/Hate as well,” he said.

“I was in all the (Love/Hate) IRA scenes with Nidge and Fran and all of them, the scenes at the funeral and the scenes at the pub. I go under the singing taxi man.

“I'm dancing and singing since the age of 16 in Digges Lane dance centre. I'm driving a taxi between all my acting work,” Wayne added.

“Any bit of crack that is there to be had, I'm willing to have it. It's a bit of crack.”

He told the Herald he also studied acting with Hollywood star Colin Farrell.

Wayne, originally from south Dublin, has been driving taxis for about 12 years and now works for Olive's Cabs in Kildare.

When told his dance partner was a top political spokeswoman, he replied: “Wow.”

He added: “She is absolutely a very nice person. I know by just her demeanour. She's a very nice girl. I'm only out for a bit of fun and there was a lot of fun to be had on that street that night.”

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