Monday 15 October 2018

Dancing on Haughey's grave 'my greatest moment'

Olivia Kelleher and Fergus Black

A LOTTO winner who danced on the grave of the late Taoiseach Charles Haughey and posted his "footwork" on YouTube has described his protest as "my greatest moment".

Vincent Keaney, who scooped a €1.26m Lotto jackpot in 1994, staged his controversial one-man protest at Mr Haughey's grave in St Fintan's Cemetery in Sutton on September 2, according to his video.

Yesterday he defended his actions, saying Fianna Fail's ethical lapses started under Mr Haughey and had led to a decline of accountability in Irish political life.

During one of the many leadership heaves against Mr Haughey, he once famously told journalists to "dance on somebody else's grave" in response to premature obituaries about his political demise.

Fianna Fail declined to comment on Mr Keaney's demonstration which drew a mixed response from bloggers who had seen the video.

In the almost nine-minute long video which can be seen at com /watch?v=pifibs_q7ec, Mr Keaney said it was "unfathomable" that he was doing something at a grave that he would not have done "in a million years".

Describing his demonstration as "my greatest moment", he said he was performing his "little act of protest" for everybody he knew of that hated Mr Haughey.

"The likes of me who was complaining about your legacy has every right to come up here and dance on your grave," he says in his YouTube video.

Speaking on Cork's 96FM, Mr Keaney said his decision to dance on the grave arose from the infamous Night of the Long Knives and that Haughey himself stated on the 'Today Tonight' programme to "Go dance on somebody else's grave".

Mr Keaney said he was very respectful of graves and that prior to the Haughey jig he had never even walked on a grave never mind danced on one.

However, he admitted he was incensed by the culture that has developed in political life in Ireland.

"Tragically, the Callely situation, the Bertie Ahern situation, the various other situations since then it all emanates from one source and that source is Haughey," he said.

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