Monday 22 January 2018

Dana's correspondence

Letter 1
Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

There were four pieces of correspondence exchanged between Susan Stein and Dana and Ms Stein's daughter Susan Gorrell.

Details of a letter to Susan Stein by Dana -- not included here -- were revealed in the civil court case in Iowa in 2008. It dated from 2005, and was read by Mrs Stein's daughter, Susan Gorrell.

"The terrible manner in which John Brown had been forced from the company was nothing other than a business move to secure ownership," Dana wrote.

In response, Mrs Gorrell wrote back to Dana on August 9, 2005 (see Letter 1), denying the "insinuation" that Mr Brown was "being punished, which he never was for ruining my life".

Shortly afterwards, Dana sent a hand-written note from Galway to Iowa (see Letter 2) -- by fax -- telling Mrs Gorrell that "not everything that happens is the fault of your uncle John". Mrs Burrell faxed a response to Dana under that note.

On August 10 of that year, Dana sent another note by fax (see Letter 3) from Galway, asking Mrs Gorrell not to fax her again and telling her she would pray for her family.

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