Thursday 23 November 2017

Dana to fight on: 'I won’t bend or be broken'

Dana is expected to emerge from her self-imposed campaign break over the course of the weekend
Dana is expected to emerge from her self-imposed campaign break over the course of the weekend. Photo: Collins

By Ed Carty

FORMER Eurovision winner Dana has confirmed she will stay in the race to become Ireland's next President.

Amid massive controversy linked to a bitter family row over copyright ownership, the singer vowed to battle on despite severe damage done to her campaign.

Dana claims both her and her family are the victim of a despicable and malicious campaign of hatred.

"My family and I have agreed that to walk away now from the Presidential campaign would be to give support to the orchestrated campaign that I believe is being peddled from a specific source and I will not let this happen," she said.

Dana is running last in the polls with about 5pc support.

The former Euro-sceptic MEP claims to be the victim of harassment and produced the header of an email sent last week which read "HAHAHAHAHAH - The bitch finally gets what she deserves".

Dana's campaign was first damaged last week when it emerged she is an American citizen although immigration officials insisted she is legally entitled to hold dual Irish-US citizenship.

The difficulties deepened when reports of an old family dispute from the copyright battle resurfaced.

Dana threatened to pull out of the race to the Aras because of what she called the intrusion into her family life when details of the 2008 lawsuit were published.

Allegations had been made against one of her relatives during the case.

In a statement Dana claimed someone was trying to implicate her in the allegations, which were first reported online, from America.

She said the allegations, which have not led to anyone being charged, are part of an orchestrated campaign against her.

"I truly felt that this was an attempt to make me stand down. But I will not. I will not step down, I will not bend under this. I will not be broken," she also told TV3.

"I will not bend to bullying or intimidation or blackmail or pressure on me."

Dana said she has her suspicions who is behind the campaign, which she claimed is designed to destroy her character.

She said she launched a broadside against the media at the end of a live television debate on Wednesday in order to confront the issue head on.

Under electoral rules Dana could not formally end her bid for the presidency and her name cannot be removed from the ballot paper at this late stage.

However, she needs to get a quarter of a quota to claim back €200,000 to cover the cost of her campaign.

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