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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Dana 'cut off' contact with other brother over claim

Greg Harkin

A BROTHER of presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon has claimed that he was ostracised by her after he challenged their brother over sexual-abuse allegations.

Robbie Brown (69) also claimed that his brother John said he had "only brushed against her" when he was confronted six years ago about the allegation that John had molested their niece, Susie Gorrell.

Ms Gorrell (45) was yesterday contacting police in London, where it is alleged that some of the abuse took place.

The allegations were first made public in a 2008 court case battle over music rights in the US, involving her mother Susan Stein and her aunt Ms Scallon. Dana has said the claims are "vile" and "malicious". However, Robbie Brown told the Irish Independent: "When I heard about what Susie was saying, I rang John and asked him directly.

"There was a long silence on the other end of the phone and I asked him again, 'What did you do to Susie?'

"John said that nothing had happened, so I asked him again and I clearly remember his answer. He said back, 'It's not what you think -- I only brushed against her.'"

Robbie Brown, who lives in Birmingham, said he had had no contact with his brother John or his sister Dana Rosemary Scallon since the phone call, other than at their mother's funeral in Derry two years ago, at which they didn't speak.

"Basically, Rosemary took John's side on this issue and anyone who didn't was cut off," said Robbie Brown yesterday.

"Dana is a very packaged person, wanting to show a certain persona to her public.

"She knows I am very ill, yet she has never lifted the phone once to ask how I am. I find that very sad, that a good Christian woman cannot bring herself to do that.

"I know she has visited a distant cousin of ours who lives just 10 minutes from me here in Birmingham, yet she couldn't bring herself to call in and see me."


Mr Brown admitted that he also supported his sister Susan Stein -- mother of Susie Gorrell -- in her dispute in America over record-company rights.

He also revealed that a dispute was still going on over their mother's home in Derry, which was left to be divided between all six children.

"I live in Birmingham but I have followed what Rosemary has been doing and saying in this election campaign and it does annoy me that she can say she speaks for ordinary people yet she can't even speak to me, her own brother."

John Brown (57) has strenuously denied allegations that he molested his niece Susie Gorrell on a number of occasions in the US and England when she was aged between five and 13.

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