Wednesday 21 March 2018

Damp, hidden cameras, a time limit on heater use and 108 rules to follow in 'rental from hell'

Mould pictured on the bathroom ceiling of the property
Mould pictured on the bathroom ceiling of the property
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

Tenants renting accommodation in Dublin have described their "living hell" due to strict conditions being imposed by a woman who is reportedly sub-letting the property while living there.

The flat, in Cabra, is currently being rented to six people for €300 each per month plus €80 in bills.

A lady, who goes by the name of 'Miss Firmo', gave the tenants a list of 108 house rules which they have to abide by when they moved in.

These include rules on showering daily, speaking English only in the property and strict conditions on their boyfriends or girlfriends visiting.

One of the most alarming guidelines advises tenants that there are security cameras in the common areas of the house.

"Smile you are on TV! Be advised there are hidden cameras in the common areas of the house," the rules state.

A spokesperson for the Data Protection Commissioner said consent from tenants would be needed for CCTV footage to be installed.

The tenants claimed they were not allowed to have the central heating on for more than two hours a day, as the woman sub-letting the property warned they might suffer carbon monoxide poisoning if it was left on longer.

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When they moved in, they were given a copy of a 'Memorandum of Agreement' and the list of rules, but the name of the landlord is not included.

Cristina Corbalán Salazar, a Spanish lawyer who had been living in the property until recently, claimed she was hospitalised with a lung infection due to the damp and mouldy conditions.

When contacted by the Irish Independent about the CCTV cameras in the house, Ms Firmo said: "Everything in the agreement was drafted and approved by the RTB and solicitors.

"I need CCTV footage in the house as people have insulted me in the past and these people leave without paying rent. I am nothing but nice to these people."

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