Friday 23 February 2018

'Damn Catholics' row

A US university president has announced he will retire after remarks he made about "damn Catholics" at a rival university became public.

Ohio State's Gordon Gee made remarks jokingly referring to Roman Catholics at the University of Notre Dame. The institution said the remarks were unacceptable and put him on a "remediation plan", while he said the row was one of several factors that led to his retirement.


Liam Gallagher says he has had a change of heart after pledging to perform on 'The X Factor'.

The Beady Eye singer – who had called the pop show "annoying" – said: "We're not confirmed for it. No, no, no – we were just messing about. Try to give them some ratings." He continued: "We've changed our mind now. No, 'Loose Women' it is instead."


A lawmaker in Ohio wants the state to provide years of relief payments and a free ride to college for three Cleveland women abducted and held for about a decade.

State Representative John Barnes Jnr is introducing his Survivors of Abduction Act on Tuesday. It would provide Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight at least $25,000 a year in reparations, tuition fees and living expenses at a public college.


City living alters our daily body clock, making us active for longer and less rested, a study suggests.

Researchers compared the internal rhythms of blackbirds living in the country and in urban areas and found city birds began their days earlier, ended them later and were active for 40 minutes longer.


Sri Lanka's government says it will take legal action against an advertising company for featuring a Unesco World Heritage site in a Japanese beer commercial.

A Sri Lankan ad agency had been given permission to film the Sigiriya rock fortress for an energy drink commercial, but it turned out to be for a beer. Ads on alcohol and tobacco are banned in Sri Lanka, though the commercial was to be aired in Japan.


Sleeping badly could make heart disease worse in women, according to a study.

Research in the US has found fewer than six hours a night sleep, and waking too early, has a "significant" role in raising unhealthy levels of inflammation amongst women with coronary heart disease. The same relationship was not observed among men in the study.

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