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Dail watchdog publishes DDDA credit card spends

THE Dail's spending watchdog has published credit card statements from former senior executives at the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) online.

The PAC was supplied with the documents by the DDDA after raising questions about the spending, following reports in the Irish Independent.

This newspaper revealed details of large sums spent using the credit cards.

These included a credit card in the name of former chief executive Paul Maloney, which was used to pay for over €28,000 in flights; €19,500 on foreign hotels; €6,300 on domestic hotels; €7,600 on foreign restaurants; and €13,500 on restaurants in Ireland between July 2005 and August 2009.

In total, five credit cards used by executives at the DDDA between August 2004 and October 2009 racked up costs of €518,000.

Some €210,000 was spent on flights, €116,000 on hotel bills and €82,700 in foreign and domestic restaurants across the five credit cards.

Committee member Eoghan Murphy said an explanation was needed for the expenditure on restaurants and foreign travel. He also cited credit card bills for sums spent at Lillie's Bordello nightclub.

Some previously unreleased material made available yesterday included details of foreign trips by board members between 1999 and 2001. A research visit to Boston in 2001 for eight board members and six executives cost €95,466.

Irish Independent