Friday 22 June 2018

Dad whose ex-wife killed their daughters in murder-suicide: 'If I don't blame her why should anyone else?'

Barry Grace lost his two daughters Mikahla (4) and Abby (3) in 2005
Barry Grace lost his two daughters Mikahla (4) and Abby (3) in 2005
Barry Grace has spoken in a new documentary examining the prevalence of murder-suicide in Ireland
Mikahla (4) and Abby (3)
Sharon Grace
Mikahla (4) and Abby (3) Newsdesk Newsdesk

A heartbroken dad who lost his two daughters when their mother killed them in a tragic murder-suicide has said he does not blame her for their deaths.

Barry Grace lost his two daughters Mikahla (4) and Abby (3) in 2005 when his ex-wife walked into the River Slaney at Kaats Strand in Wexford.

Mikahla (4) and Abby (3)
Mikahla (4) and Abby (3)

Now, more than a decade after their deaths, Mr Grace said he does not blame Sharon, who was 28 at the time, for the tragic events.

 "I still couldn't understand how it happened because Sharon just wasn't like that, she'd never harm her kids, she loved the kids so much," he said.

"I've always said that I don't blame her and if I don't blame her why should anybody else?

"Obviously there were problems there so you have to see the whole picture," he said.

Mikahla (4) and Abby (3)
Mikahla (4) and Abby (3)

"That was not Sharon. It was so out of character and OK, in my darkest times I've said 'how could you have done that?' "Of course I've questioned it but at the end of the day it just wasn't her. I know it sounds strange but I don't think I could ever blame her."

Sharon was a "brilliant mother" he said.

Speaking as part of a TV3 documentary due to be aired tonight called Murder in the Family he also spoke about his young daughters and their different personalities.

"Mikahla, she was very very much like her mother, very quiet. It showed even more when Abby came along because she was like a second mother to her," he said.

Sharon Grace
Sharon Grace

"She was the big sister, always cuddling her, making sure she was safe. They were never apart.

"Abby, she was a bit wild, she had no fear, bubbly, full of fun, full of devilment."

The pair married in 2001 but later separated. The last time Mr Grace had his children was St Patrick's Day that year but he ran into them and had a catch-up with them in a supermarket, two days before they died.

Mr Grace also revealed the moment he learned his daughters and ex-wife were missing while he was on a trip to Cork.

"I got a phone call around midnight from Sharon's mother wanting to know if I had heard from Sharon that day. She said that her and the kids were missing," he said.

"I got a couple of calls throughout the night checking up and there was no word.

"She told me the three of them were gone. That was a tough time. I just remember crying on the road and it was pouring down rain," he said.

Following the death of Sharon and her children it emerged that she sought help from a local hospital but was told there was no social worker available until Monday.

  • Murder in The Family: True Lives airs on TV3 tonight at 9pm

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