Friday 20 April 2018

Dad may have been shot over debt owed to criminal

Ralph Riegel

THE gunman who murdered father-of-two Darren Falsey was a killer hired from Limerick or Dublin, gardai suspect.

The probe is now increasingly focused on a debt Mr Falsey may have owed to a Cork-based criminal.

Mr Falsey (37), who was shot dead in his Carrigaline home last Wednesday, was buried yesterday.

His requiem Mass was strictly private at the insistence of his family, with only immediate relatives and invited friends in attendance at Ballinora church.

The mourners were led by his parents, his siblings, his ex-partner and his current partner Lorraine.

Fr Donal Lenihan said the community was appalled by what had happened.

"We are gathered here to help the family deal with their anguish, their shock and their confusion," he said.

"The Falsey family are highly regarded in the Waterfall and Ballinora areas and have considerable sympathy and support here."


Fr Lenihan said it was understandable that people were shocked and deeply upset.

"My hope is that we will be open to hearing two messages of faith: firstly that 'I never take back my love' from Psalms in the Old Testament.

"Secondly, 'do not be afraid'. In this funeral liturgy we are entrusting Darren into God's unfailing love and in the fullness of life beyond the human."

Mr Falsey -- a former schools rugby player and lifelong sports fan -- was later buried in Ovens.

Detectives are trying to determine if the killing was linked to a gangland debt or whether Mr Falsey was targeted by a dissident republican group running an extortion campaign.

So far, gardai have been unable to trace any witnesses who heard the three gunshots in Ashbourne Court estate in Carrigaline or who spotted a getaway vehicle.

Mr Falsey was shot three times -- twice in the torso and once in the head -- just minutes after he returned to his rented home at 2pm on August 3.

The fact that no one in the quiet estate heard the shots has led gardai to speculate that the killer may have used a silenced 9mm semi-automatic.

A ballistics report will now determine if the weapon had a silencer -- and if the gun was used in any previous shootings.

It is expected that gardai will conduct a series of roadblock interviews in the general area to determine if motorists who travelled the route spotted anything unusual last week.

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