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'Dad had his big break right at end,' says grieving Bishop

COMEDIAN Des Bishop was yesterday coming to terms with the death of his father Mike from cancer, but said his dad was happy to have "had his big break right at the end" after he wrote an entire show about his father having lung cancer.

His father died from the terminal cancer on Friday in the US after being diagnosed with the disease 15 months ago. He became famous after his Irish-American son wrote a show about the one-time musician, actor and model called My Dad Was Nearly James Bond.

His national tour has been postponed until further notice.

"Mike Bishop 'snuffed it' this morning. He lived an amazing life," the comedian said on his Facebook page on Friday.

"A great father, husband, uncle and friend. Cancer got him in the end but it never got him down and these last 15 months have been some of the greatest times.

"To our family he is the greatest man that ever lived and to all his new fans he is a legend. He was happy to have had his big break right at the end."

Des Bishop flew to the US earlier in the week after his 74-year-old father, who was originally from Midleton in Cork, stopped undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The comedian said he had wanted to tell his father's story since even before he got sick and he said the show was designed to celebrate "the heroics of fatherhood".

In the show, Bishop uses images of his father, film clips from Day of the Triffids and Zulu -- in which he starred -- to introduce his dad who lost out to George Lazenby in playing James Bond.

A native New Yorker, Des Bishop moved from Queens to Ireland in his mid-teens in 1990 before carving a successful career as a stand up comic, while his brother Aidan is also a comedian.

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